When you break a bone or strain a ligament, you’ll likely need orthopedic care. That’s because orthopedics is the medical specialty that focuses on treating your musculoskeletal system. The musculoskeletal system includes 肌肉, bones, 肌腱, and ligaments. This covers a wide area of the body. 结果是, orthopedic providers are able to see patients for a wide variety of ailments.

Sometimes you’ll see an orthopedic physician due to an acute injury. An example would be a broken arm or leg bone, a torn ligament, or an injury. 在其他情况下, you may be referred to an orthopedic physician due to age or use-related wear and tear. An example here might be carpal tunnel syndrome or some types of joint pain. Orthopedic physicians can also treat athletic injuries, such as ACL tears.

In many cases, orthopedic treatments will revolve around rehabilitation and repair. In some instances, successful treatment might require surgery–but not always.

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What is the Musculoskeletal System?

Your body is composed of various systems. Your cardiovascular system delivers oxygenated blood 所有 across your body. Your nervous system is responsible for carrying electrical impulses 所有 across your body. You can think of your musculoskeletal system as the pulleys, 杠杆, and machinery of your body: it’s 所有 those parts responsible for carrying out the movement and acting on the physical world.

结果是, injuries or diseases of the musculoskeletal system can cause significant impacts on your over所有 mobility. If a broken bone does not heal properly, you may walk with a limp, for example.

Most 骨科损伤 and diseases are characterized, at least in part, by pain. Your orthopedic physician will be able to help you determine the cause of your pain and develop the appropriate treatment.


Many people assume that surgery is the default treatment for orthopedic symptoms. 事实并非如此. The exact treatment approach will depend on your symptoms, 你的疼痛和不适程度, 也是你受伤的根本原因. 在一般情况下, 然而, non-surgical interventions and therapies are usu所有y attempted first–before any patient undergoes surgery.

Orthopedic conditions can be treated in the following ways:

  • 其他: When 骨科损伤 are caused by overstressing, 滥用, 或者重复运动, rest is often the first treatment option. This will give your body a chance to heal itself. It’s worth noting, 然而, that rest is not an appropriate treatment option for 所有 骨科损伤. 
  • 药物治疗: 在某些情况下, your physician may prescribe medications to ease your symptoms.
  • 牙套和夹板: Parti所有y immobilizing or giving additional support to your musculoskeletal system can often be part of your treatment with an orthopedic specialist. 例如, if you break a wrist, you may be placed in a splint. If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, you may be instructed to use a brace for added ergonomic support.
  • 物理治疗: Physical therapy is often a part of an orthopedic treatment plan. For some patients, physical therapy can help avoid the need for surgery. For others, physical therapy can help speed up recovery and recuperation after surgical intervention. The goal of physical therapy is often to strengthen 肌肉 and to improve your range of motion.
  • 手术: 在某些情况下, surgery may be necessary to repair damage caused by an injury or to replace damaged portions of your system. 例如, knee replacement therapy may sometimes be needed to replace a painful joint caused by age combined with wear and tear. The artificial joint can improve mobility and significantly diminish pain. In this instance, as example, surgery is the primary means of treatment.

Your orthopedic physician will know which treatment option is best for treating your condition. If you are experiencing pain in your bones, 肌肉, 肌腱, or ligaments–especi所有y if that pain is limiting your range of motion–it’s important to talk to your orthopedic physician as soon as possible.

Our orthopedic surgeons specialize in these and other orthopedic conditions: 

  • Joint replacement: Knee, hip, and shoulder 
  • 骨折治疗 
  • 腕管手术 
  • 运动损伤 
  • 肩袖修复 
  • 颈椎和腰椎狭窄 
  • 脊柱侧凸 
  • 盘突出 
  • 坐骨神经痛  
  • 脚 & 脚踝的条件
  • 脚踝扭伤
  • 拇囊炎
  • 阿基里斯肌腱炎
  • 足跟疼痛
  • 脚踝疼痛
  • 踝关节不稳定

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